Writings of Gregory

This is a synopsis of the seven manuscripts/novels that Gregory composed. It comes from the many experiences of his life, growing uo in Oakland, California.

Gregory started the Oakland Kingpin in North County Jail in Oakland, 1989, and finished it in the Adjustment Center in San Quentin State Prison on Death Row. He used writing as a form to keep his sanity throughout all the years he have beend held captive.
His writing is for the youths to get a glimps of the street live. They be so in a rush to get in. But as he know, all the glitters ain´t gold.

The Oakland Kingpin.
The Oakland Kingpin is the first book I wrote in 1989. The Oakland Kingpin and its authenticity unveils into the belly of a under world, to let the readers see the blocks to build crime organisations that will reach to heights that knows no limit, and no end. To see through the eyes of a East-Oakland Kingpin and his organisations, pitted against his chief nemesis. It takes on a form to watching constant nightly news on televisions to the harsh and violent life styles in urband cities throughout America, takeb by the game. See how corrupted police and district attorneys will lie, plant evidence and commit murder in order to win a conviction.

Whistle Of Destruction
Whistle of Destruction is the horrifying tale of a guy named Tone. A young blackman raised in the streets life. As a urban outlaw, he takes no prisoners in the jungles of the streets of Oakland. He ist convicted of three murders and sentenced to California´s Death Row at San Quentin State Prison. Arriving in a toxic environment that uncubates every form of social disorder known to man, Tone makes a decision to survive the system against alls odds. This is the Story of life on Death Row uncut. The violence, drugs, corruption, racism, misery and the fight of a man and woman sticking togethe to win his appeal, even breaking the law to win.

Hard Knocks Old School
This is the story of two young blackmen from different backgrounds and opposite life styles and mentalities. They end up meeting in college as roommates. Kevin, who is from the West Coast is a street wise guy. While Cory, from the East Coast is a nerd. The two form a friendship and go on to run computer scams using the school´s libary computer. This book is the transformation: love, hate, deceit, trips to Spring Break, bought with stolen credit cards. See how a college student moves kilos of cocaine, commit murder and end up in prison, at San Quentin.

Kumi Girlz
This is the fable of a girls gang, turned into a sisterhood crime organisation. Left in ar cardboard box for dead behind a liquor store as a newborn by a drud addicted mother, Kumi is found by the neighbourhood bag Lady Hattie. Kumi, along with her childhood friends are hustlers, college students, drug dealers, business ladies and assasssins. From the streets to California´s youth authority, to chowchilla women´s prison, Kumi and her girls kept it gangsta and gutter. See how the girls of Oakland prepresent her town.

This is the story of my life. An autobiography. As a five year old child, I was used to transport heroin and cocaine, by having it placed into my pockets by my mother´s husband as he took me with him on drug runs. The bundles of balloons were placed in my pockets, just incase the police stopped us while on delivers. I was exposed to smoling weed and drinking wine at the age of six. At eight I was counting drug money, placing it in stacks of thousands. At the age of 12 I was selling weed and carrying guns. I would always hang out with older kids, while on my way to being a good gymnast.
There´s an old African adage: „It takes a whole village to raise a child.“ But what happens when the whole village is filled with drug dealers, killers, thugs, gangsters, robbers, gamblers, prostitutes, thieves etc? That child woll likely be a product of his physical and social environment that he was groomed into.
The story of my life will take you throgh the many mazes in my existance, on the streets and Death Row where I reside today.

Gangstah And Guttah
This is the fable of Kano. A young blackman who is a product of his cutthroat environment. A hustler by nature, Kano learns the trades of being a gangster and to be dirty as the gutters and alleys in East Oakland. Talk about Kano as you may, he´s always on time when it´s time to split a fool´s wig for the hood and homeboys. This is not to say he won´t sleep with his woman´s sister or steal the cross from a church. Kano is the guy that comes up in most heated and hatred conversations of ghetto gossip. Every hood has a Kano. Scadelous as they come, but he keeps it gangstah and guttah.

Town Bizness, 100 Percent Uncut
This is the story of the city of Oakland. See, how the side show got to poppin in the 1980s and still is going on today. Ride through the streets of Oakland, birth place of the black panthers party, home of the raider nation football team. See, how the streets of Oakland broke out into drug wars, and how drug kingpins got their money. Playas poppin thei collars and gangstas doing what gangstas do. From the streets of Oakland, to the California´s prison, it is 415, town bizness at its best.

Die Übersicht der Texte habe ich direkt aus einer Liste entnommen, die Gregory mir zugesandt hat. Ich habe seine Worte eins zu eins übernommen, habe also auch den Slang, der teilweise durchklingt beibehalten. Es sind Greogry´s Texte, also sollte es auch in Gregory´s Sprache präsentiert werden.


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